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2016/2017 Audited Financials available by request.
Purpose sharing Christmas with San Bernardino ChildrenDid you know that over 90 percent of your donations go directly to help the children?

Please read the following words from one of Santa Claus, Inc./Youth Enrichment Services loyal volunteers:

"Working at Santa Claus, Inc. adds value to my life. Everyone at Santa Claus, Inc. is actively engaged in doing something that will help others. It improves my outlook on life. The fact that Santa Claus, Inc. helps children increases that sense of well-being. Children are the most important resource that we have and anything we can do to brighten their lives is very rewarding. The special people at Santa Claus, Inc. are wonderful - people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to share, yet we all come together for a single purpose.  
I truly can't imagine my life without Santa Claus, Inc."

Please read the following words from some of our recipient families:

"I'm a single Mom with no help - these presents only come from Heaven." Maria

"I am thankful that there are still people who donate time and help people who are in need." Ty

"My children and I will never forget the opportunity to come here." Angelo

"Nice, friendly people here make me feel at home." Grace

"These people are angels for my children." Araceli

"I will never forget the kindness that was shown to me by your volunteers." Lupe

"My wife passed away 2 years ago so I am doing my best to raise my four children. Santa Claus, Inc. is truly a God-send to our family." Richard

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The mission of Santa Claus, Inc. is to provide critical services to youth in the Inland Empire by empowering children through year-round and seasonal programs. 

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